final edit

this is the final edit we as a group decide to go with it is a Sfx filter of Black and white ,it tell the story of gang ,drugs and Don

it shows all the editing and camera movement we have learned through the length of the course as the this is the finished product of the shot list the planning and all of the time

this is the final and done edit

i am really proud with the amount of input that i had for this work

the review of the work is great for alevel as it has receive  alot of good rating with our peer

as it are a few dubbing audio issue that were set as the minor issues


what i have learned throughout media filming

throughout my media journey i have learned many skills and new term like shots angle and shots  type

like the link below shows some of shots we learned for the course

i also learned personal skills like keeping up with deadlines ,being organised and teamwork

the more hard bit of the course was the editing /filming like there was so much that could go wrong went wrong like there was a change of location which was very bad so that involved a lot of changes as most of the  planning as most of the shot that was preferred was not possible in the new location ,that meant new shot list and shooting script

then as a group we decide to make two final edit as i made one and philip made the   other

and in mine there were a few technical issue like rendering and sound and philip ran into a few problem  ,then we decide to go with his final edits as his was better presented ,and mine had some sound problem which would have cost the group marks

as it was my first time editing i used the editing software called hitfilm 4

Image result for hitfilm 4 express

this is a screengrab of the interface of the editing software .

audience research



this clip above shows my review on the younger generation as they may play a key role in the film success and also

it has some good reviews as the viewer enjoy the the black and white retro feel the film gives off to the to them

i would think this help us alot as it help us see what we can improve in the film

what the audience like and so far what they do not like as to as this gives so an idea as to what can be improved ,and how

evaluation how the class is shown in the film

in the clip above i explain how the film represent the different class

the middle class Image result for upper class

lower classImage result for lower class pic

higher class Image result for upper class

the negative and positive sides of the these class and how it is shown in the clip above

there this help the film as it shows how different class of people can relate to the screen as it shows different class and enjoy it .the film applied men gender in the clip as there is no female side to the film ,and the images above a the best way i could use to describe the class in our film as it is a period drama .

we hoped that the audience can feel connect to character and feel that the class are shown in a good light

the key parts of the film


in image i the title is La Taupe of the film as it is like the style of film noir way of writing title like the images below ,the reason why we as a group chosed this style of title cause it is a tread of film like a trait which that what

Image result for film noir titleRelated image

it big bold and eye catching in the images are the characters that the viewers will meet throughout the duration of the film they varies in the different situation that they are in

the images 3  of the grid of shot it  show the different camera angles used like close up ,mid shot etc, the same images show the mise en sene, of the actor makeup and the reason i used this shot is cause it is a tipping point and it shows the realism of the film

the images of the grid show the style of the film black and white and the genre as the images show the different and various characters that can be seen thou out the

the images of the grid show the black and white  filter which was the Sfx used to create the tone and cause we were following a certain gerne

the actor are wearing different costume to show the class or the role they play in the film as it can be seen through the image grid above


evaluation ( how the film attract viewers )


via GIPHY//


In the YouTube vid above i explain how the film opening would attract the viewer to see it as it covers lighting ,and the element of Mise-en-scene ,the tone of the film and how the opening has the traits of film noire

this help the film as it will be used to indenty the type market  that would enjoy the film

as it help the distributor in what way that make the film a hit as the places that or viewers that would enjoy it

Evaluation things i have learned

through out the length of the course i have  come to learn alot of skills which are really helpful such as



before i started filming the group i was abit late to the planning but i still got to some of the planning as i got to learn how to cart ideas into workable plans that showed process to the final idea ,as making shot list ,scipt ,location shot and etc



i learned how to be a team player ,contribute to the main objective of the team

as listen to idea as to come up with a valid play that contains everyone thought and is very great



keeping to a deadline

over the few week i had certain task that needed to be handed in at certain this made me as well as the group think about work and the best way to work effective,as to avoid not meeting the deadline





this is one of my first time as which filming was need so i had to learn a lot such as type of camera shot and movement that the camera uses to create what effect as it was quite hard and fun to learn all this new skills

the camera that was used was a Nikon D5500

as it was my personal camera that was used i was already familiar with most of  it controls but never for filming which was quite cool to try with

as with filming shot we need stabilisers for the varies shot we need the two that we use are the x grip

and a normal tripod

these two were used to create some of the shot used in the opening of the film like the dolly shot with all this came a lot of fun and alot tight deadline

and then came the fun bit EDITING ,for the film i used a editing software called Hit film



Image result for hitfilm

this was challenging as i had to get used to the controls and learn how movie clip are put together to make a sequence and the add on sfx to create the realism of the film this help push the film to ,

all skills help to make for and exciting time but this was all the things i learned going together into the making of our film noire

however there were some problem with the editing as there was the render problem

like alot of the edit clip did not come together easily which was alot  that was a huge problem i faced i had to run it over time and i got lucky but still came out wrong